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About Journal
International Scientific Journal under the name "Mahmud Kashgarly" was founded in the Turkological Center at the Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University.
The main purpose of the magazine is realization of anthropological; archeological; and genetical searching of Turkic languages in the Turkic world in our modern time; history of Turkish literature, Turkish peoples, developing period; ethnography; etymology; culture; and at the same time the earliest ascertainment of Turkish’s' homeland.
As linguistics, theoretical literature , history, archeology,ethnography, etymology, culture, art reflected the bases of Turkological researches - this journal involves the searching on this direction. Turkologist scientists from Azerbaijan, who has enough of searching in this sphere were included to the editorial board of this journal. İt was involved prominent Turkologists of the Turkic world as international consultants to the journal “Mahmud Kashgarly”.
Articles which were sent to the journal, firstly checked for compliance with publication requirements, reviewed and only then published.


We cooperated with Turkish organizations

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